A Holiday Idea

Ok this might be a stupid idea, but I think it’s worth a try.

If you’re an indie developer who can barely pay the bills every month, post a link to your game or app in the comments section of this reddit post. You are also encouraged to share your story as well.

I’ll pick five apps I like from the list and purchase them. My budget is $10 (I only have $26 in the bank – no kidding, I can prove it). So, please do the same:

Redditors (developers or not), please pick five apps you like from the comments section and purchase them.

This is more about helping people than to be entertained. So if you think the app is crap, instead of asking for a refund, I invite you to leave sound, constructive feedback to devs here. Who knows, sometimes the app store contain true gems that go unnoticed because not everyone has the skills or resources to promote their work.

And happy holidays!

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