Joe Rescuer submitted to the App Store

I hope to hear from them soon.  I submitted the app last Friday (May 7).

This is my first major project in Objective-C (one of the iPhone’s official languages, for good or bad).  I had a lot of fun developing it.  I put a lot of effort in designing the levels.  The art, well, I’m no graphics artist, but I did my best.

Joe Rescuer is a combination of Puzzle + Arcade.  It resembles one of those lunar lander games, with a twist:  You must plan ahead your trip, and once the plan has been laid out, hope for the best.

You see, there’s these things called powerpacks.  There’s one powerpack for every action you can make in the game (“Go Left”, “Go Right”, “Go Up”, “Fire”… you get the idea).  So you have to add powerpacks to the ship queue.  Once the ship is launched, this queue cannot be modified.  You can launch the next powerpack in the queue at any time (and that’s all the control you’ll have during the trip).  If your flight plan is right, you’ll get to your destination safely.  If not, then it’s back to start and make any necessary adjustments to the queue.

It’s fun!! I would have finished the levels sooner, if it wasn’t because I kept playing the levels “ahem, for testing purposes” ;-)   I hope you’ll find them enjoyable too.

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